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The Mindsets of Society

The Mindsets of Society

Growing up you learn about the mindsets of society. Now when I say mindset of society it’s not all the thoughts but rather three sides of thought. Don’t worry I’ll get into it in a little bit more detail. When you think of someone’s mindset you think of their thoughts or ideas towards a specific thing or action. It helps shape our values and our goals; especially with how we achieve our goals. 


When it comes to the mindsets of society associated with achieving goals I see it as three categories. The people who fully believe that if it is meant to be it will be and will find a way. Then you have the people who believe that the only way things can happen is if you work hard. Lastly, you have the people torn down the middle. They believe that there is an element of luck/universe but you have to work at it as well to make the “perfect combination. 


Now the mindsets of society are more than just about work ethic. It’s the moments and things that shape our entire life. It can relate to relationships, moments, careers, and even personal skills/hobbies. Now there is truly no right or wrong mindset. That is the beauty of it! Your mindset is for you and helps you navigate your life. Let me break down how I see the three mindsets of society. 


What is meant to be will be: 


By no means am I saying that those who have this mindset do not work hard. They often just attribute all of their success to “it was meant to happen”. Think of the people who are naturally talented at sports. They still show up at practice but things clicked easier for them. Or the people who were gifted and school came naturally to them. 


I always associate this with the idea of letting the world/universe/god take everything into their hands. It is amazing to me to watch so many people not stress about what they can not control and really trust the universe. To me, it is a mindset that allows you to take away so much stress, and have so much trust in the world. But also a ton of acceptance in the idea that if something did not happen it was for the better. No extras thoughts of “what if”; just the idea of “It wasn’t meant for me”. 


Only hard work will get you what you want. 


There is nothing wrong with working hard. Sitting down putting in the time, energy, practice, and work to get the things/results they want. A ton of people know that if they want to see results they have to put in the work. I constantly relate this to working out and being healthy. I know for me that if I want to be healthy I have to put in the work (exercise, eat right, drink water, etc.) However, you may see them as career-driven people, work-horses, or even workaholics. 


I truly respect these people as they constantly push and work to achieve their goals. When they do achieve their goals they have no doubt that they do not deserve it. They also take a ton of pride in the work that they are doing. This can also be stressful for people because sometimes people struggle with the idea of when enough is enough. Make sure you still love those people. 


The Combination: 


The combination is always a little bit of both. They do think that whatever will be will be has a sense of luck to it. But in order for the luck to really take it needs a little push or some hard work. Some days they may be stressing about not putting in enough work. While other days you just shrug and say eh it is what it is. 


I tend to find that a majority of people are the combination. They understand that just because they work hard and they put in the energy does not always mean everything is going to go their way. They tend to think I did the work and I put in the time and energy. But whatever comes of it happens. For some though they do have that feeling of “What if I tried harder”. 


I am sure there are more mindsets in society, but I do believe these three are the majority. The real beauty when it comes to mindsets is that you can change. Maybe you only ever thought that things come from hard work. But soon realize that you want a shift. The big thing when it comes to mindset is that your mindset truly shapes your beliefs and personal values. 


As I have mentioned in Leveling up it is okay to change your thoughts and opinions but you have to make sure they align with who you are. You are going to evolve, change, and grow over time and with that, I hope your mindset adjusts and changes to fit you. You never know you may even create a new mindset of society. – Unofficial Big Sis KMH



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