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End of the Year – The Final Stretch

End of the Year – The Final Stretch

With the end of the year comes the final stretch. In the last few months, we have had to achieve our manifest goals, become the person we wanted to be in January, and turn 2022 into the year we wanted it to be. A lot can happen in 3 months to really turn the year around.


As someone who honestly thought she was going to make 2022 her year, I’m laughing s I write this. Mainly because as I  re-read my 2022 Manifest list I didn’t even do 10 of the 40 things I had written down. I’m laughing at it but those 10 were probably the most essential part of my manifest list. And also the ones that most impacted my entire year. And as little as I completed on my manifest list my 2022 Manifestation did play a big role in my day-to-day life. 



With the end of the year approaching, I really want to throw out the manifest list and take a second to really think about the past nine months. Take some time to do some self-reflection and think about a few things: 


  • What big lessons did you learn? 
  • What habits, obstacles, choices, or mindset do you need to change or adjust? 
  • What lessons or self-improvements can you make to continue to grow? 
  • What made me happy or proud this year? 


I find with the end of the year when we look at our manifest list we tend to see what we did not do as opposed to what we did do. Especially when the things we did do aren’t even listed on your manifest list. Taking the time to put the list down, take a step back, and just acknowledge all the experiences you went through this past year helps put a lot of things into focus. You stop seeing what you were not able to achieve and you start to see all the good that came from it. And maybe this year wasn’t that great. You are still taking the time to acknowledge what you have been through and how it truly affected you. 


Looking at the things we valued and grew from over the past nine months. We still have this amazing opportunity as the end of the year approaches to finish the final stretch on a happy note, instead of creating a list of all the goals you want to achieve focus on how you want to feel on December 31st of 2022. 


  • What changes can I make to end 2022 happy? 
  • How can I be more present in life to enjoy what happens? 
  • What adjustments to your work life or social life do you need to make to get where you want to go? 
  • How can I refocus my energy?


You cannot change everything about your life in three months. Change takes time, but to give the change sometimes, you have to be committed to putting in the effort to change who you are.



I told myself when this year started I was going to make sure I made this year happy and that I enjoyed it. The more I look back at it that is exactly what I did. I not only grew as a person, but also developed new relationships, grew my voice, and overall lived every day the way I wanted to live it.  As the end of the year approaches, I cannot wait to keep growing and becoming a happier version of who I am. And that’s my exact wish for all of you. I want you all to make the final stretch nothing but days filled with happiness. 



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