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Let’s be Selfish

Let’s be Selfish

To this day I can still remember people angrily telling me to go be selfish because I needed to help myself before I helped them. It makes me even angrier knowing how guilty I felt to the point where I once again choose someone else besides myself. If choosing to put me and my best interests first is selfish, well then let’s be selfish. Growing up I was always told to put others first. The more I help others the better off I will be. However, the more I gave to people the less I had for myself. 


It always confuses me why we are constantly encouraging people to help others but not themselves.  And nothing makes me so upset when people say that taking care of you is selfish. Taking care of yourself is so important, you have to put yourself first. No one else is going to look out for your best interest. The only person who is going to protect your peace, mind, and soul is yourself. Like I have said before Help Yourself, Honey.  


Since I grew up in the generation of how important it was to help others; I had to learn how to be selfish or how to take care of myself first. So how do you start? 


  • Put your needs first 
    • What tasks or things do you need to do to put you in a comfortable and relaxed state? 
  • Listen to your internal and mental clock 
    • Do you need a day to stay home and rest instead of going to the office? Would you rather stay home than head out because you know your mind is just too busy to be social? 
  • Learn your limits
    • Don’t over-exert yourself. Yes, you may have 500 things you need to get done but they don’t need to get done at the risk of you being okay. Some things can wait to be done on another day. 
  • Make sure you’re always looking out for you 
    • The only person who ever really knows if you are okay, how you feel, and what is going to be best for you is yourself. Be sure you’re doing that while still enjoying life 


Why should we be selfish when it comes to ourselves? Why is it so important to take care of ourselves? 


  • How can you help others if you are not okay? 
    • Think of it like tying shoes. How can you help someone tie their shoes if you never learned how to tie your own? 
  • No one else knows you better than you. 
    • We all put on a facade and can fake how we are feeling. If we lie about our emotions and how we are feeling no one is going to be able to help us. If you feel sick or tired you have to speak up and take action. We have one soul and one body we have to take care of both. 


Choosing yourself is making a conscious decision to be better not just for you but for all the people and relationships in your life. The only way you can be better is if you take the time to work on yourself.  Choosing yourself is anything but selfish, it’s the right choice every single time. If anyone says that you are being selfish by putting yourself first smile and say yes I am being selfish and I wish I had done it more in the past. Be selfish, choose yourself, and continue to grow. I am sure I have said it before but my best friend always likes to remind me when I’m not taking care of myself: 


“You can’t light yourself on fire to keep others warm”


So let’s all be selfish and make sure we’re keeping ourselves warm, happy, and put together before we help others.



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