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New Year, New Mindset

New Year, New Mindset

This is the first New Year where my only resolution is to change my mindset, New Year’s new mindset is my only goal. When it comes to your mindset it truly dictates your entire day, week, month, and overall life. What exactly is a mindset? 


Mindset: The established set of attitudes held by someone


In past years I have made a resolutions list or Manifestation list. That has given me goals and things I want to accomplish before the year ends. However, those things didn’t help me grow nor did they allow me to create foundations or plans to achieve those goals. By focusing on changing my mindset I am already focusing on positive growth. 


Set Challenges, not Resolutions. 


Naturally, I am a very competitive person; not achieving a goal or a resolution is crushing for me. However, for me being a competitive person setting challenges intrigues me. With setting challenges you are able to create a short-term game plan. The short-term gives you the opportunity to turn it into a long-term challenge but it also gives you the opportunity to make changes. 


If your resolution is to work out five times a week for the whole year. The week you only work out three times it’s over. Instead, if you set challenges of how many times can I work out this week. You now open up a competition with yourself. 


Change your Verbiage 


It’s funny how much verbiage changes everything. We don’t always realize how much words impact us and change the importance of something. Think of the difference you feel when someone says they want you versus when someone says they need you. I work for a company where we don’t use the word manager, instead, we call them leaders. My leader doesn’t just tell me how to do my job but helps me develop new skills. They also work with creating a path as to where I want my career to go. 


Look at words and actions in your everyday life. Is there a word that you use every day that you can change to put a positive spin on things? How can changing your verbiage change your outlook and mindset on things? 


Make room for Self-Reflection  


Let’s be honest not every day is amazing and not every day is bad; making most days pretty average. On days that are pretty average, we don’t take time to reflect on how can we make this better. However, we don’t take a step back and reflect we have no chance of making the appropriate changes to make anything better. If you don’t make it any better are you taking the time to grow? 


Taking the time each and every day to just break down what you are grateful for, the good, the bad, and what you could have done to make it better. By taking the time each day at the end of your day or even before your day starts and reflecting on yesterday. You are setting yourself up to help you be better than you were the day before. 


Each year when I talk to people about their resolutions and goals they all revolve around wanting to be a better person than they were the year before. One of the best ways to become a better person is by changing your mindset. Take 2023 and challenge yourself to change your mindset. Make 2023 the year you grow in all aspects of your life.


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