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Mental Fights

Mental Fights

Throughout the years the one thing that never changes is the mental fights with myself. I am constantly looking for a way to quiet the voice in my head or change the tone to it being nicer to me. The struggle with the voice in your head is it knows you best. It knows your weaknesses, your doubts, and your biggest insecurities. The worst part is it knows all of this because it is you! The voice in your head is guided by your own doubt. 


When it comes to life the hardest thing people have to learn and teach themselves (And let’s be honest often it’s way later in life) is learning to speak nicely to ourselves. Growing up for me I remember being told to speak about myself because people thought I was bragging, gloating, or trying to show off. When in reality I was just celebrating my own success. And now at 28, I am constantly working on the voice in my head. 


My mental fights are all between me, myself, and the little voice in my head. When it comes to the voice I am always working on its tone as well as rephrasing those thoughts. 


Ask yourself why? Why do you think that way? 


Anytime I start to think I will mess something up or ruin anything. Could be a task a work, a friendship, a relationship, or even my form at the gym. I take a step back and think why am I thinking this way? The truth is if we don’t know why you can’t correct the thought. Also when you know the why you can start to address steps to correct it. 


Can I sit down and talk to someone about these doubts? Should I bring a partner to the gym so they can help make sure I am doing the exercise right? 


Think of the why. Then think of how you can eliminate that. Bring a partner, celebrate yourself, or even speak to someone when those thoughts come up. The issue is when we do nothing we just let them sit and when negative thoughts sit often they grow. 


Switch the narrative 


Part of working on your mental fights is learning to switch or change the narrative. Switching the narrative isn’t just about changing things with a positive thought. It is also about seeing how you can grow learn, and maybe even prevent it from happening again. 


So what if it fails? How can you learn from it; what changes can you make the next time t do or be better? Changing your negative thoughts and doubts into new opportunities and experiences to grow. 


Focus on the positive 


We already talked about how mental fights are often brought on by our own self-doubt. The self-doubt and negative thoughts bring your energy, mood, and even your drive. I’ve already spoken about how powerful learning to think positive can be. When it comes to the little voice in your head is no different. 


Each time you have those mental fights where you start to have those negative thoughts filled with self-doubt. Take a step back and tell yourself this is not true. I can do this, and even if I do fail I will walk away with knowledge learned rather than nothing. 


Take the self-doubt and negative thoughts and reinforce them with positive ones. To really nail this home each bad or negative thoughts you have tell yourself 3 good things about it/you. Challenge yourself to constantly find the positive side in everything. Even in your own head. 


We all struggle with self-doubt, negative thoughts, and even fear of failure. Our mental fights aren’t always there to hold us back but to challenge up to see our minds and the world in a different way. Understanding your mental thoughts helps you grow as a person. And isn’t that what life is about learning to grow and become better people not just for others but ourselves? 


The next time you struggle with your own mental thought take a step back and ask why am I thinking this way. How can I change the narrative? What is the positive outcome that can come from this? All of these will help you continue to grow to be better for yourself. Change is scary and difficult but I think staying the same is worse. No?


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