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2023 Bucket list

2023 Bucket list

What would happen if we threw out our 2023 manifest list for a 2023 bucket list? Each year I always want to continue my own personal growth. Not just physically but also mentally, adventure-wise, and even personal growth. Growth is one of those funny things that we think is one thing or another rather than looking at ourselves and saying I want to grow in all areas of me.


Bucketlist: A Number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime. 


Growth is something that takes years to do. We talked about it in New Year, New Mindset how this year we want to focus on our attitude and how it affects us. We also talked about how changing a few words can change how we see a situation. So what happens when we change our manifest list to a bucket list? 


My bucket list isn’t just places to see and things to do. It’s also changing my behavior to help me become the KMH I want to be. Shall I share some with you..


  • Go into all situations assuming positive intent 
    • This will help me keep a positive mindset, as well as force me to find the good in every situation. 


  • Trust the process and the track of life 
    • You’re not behind you are exactly where you need to be 


  • Use your sick days. 
    • If you’re not feeling well work can wait. Take a day to regroup and feel better. 


  • Get fresh air; every single day 
    • Be is sitting on a porch, going for a walk, or driving with the windows down. Whatever it is make sure you’re getting at least 15 mins of fresh air a day.


  • Figure out the path you want to go 
    • What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? 


  • Make time for yourself at least twice a month 
    • Go shopping, get your nails done, but yourself coffee and lunch. Dedicate the day to reminding yourself that you love yourself. 


  • Be present with friends and family 
    • Put the phone down and just focus on giving whoever you are with your full undivided attention. You will never regret giving the people who matter in your life your time. 


  • Get away from your day-to-day life 
    • Take a trip or a vacation and allow everyday life to fade away to give your mind a break. 


  • Let go of the people who don’t serve you 
    • If I cannot trust you, believe you are honest with me or think you are bringing me down I no longer want that energy in my life. 


  • Give into what brings you joy. 
    • Eat the damn cake, buy the shoes, and live the life you always dreamed you deserve; because you do. 


  • Ask for more feedback 
    • How can I be better if I don’t know what I am doing wrong? 


  • Be honest with yourself. 
    • I know what is right and wrong. Making excuses for either of them does not help me in any way it only hurts. 


  • Reflect on your day 
    • Hold yourself accountable to reflect on what you did and how you could be better. Actively make those changes to be better. 


A bucket list is more than just things to do. Its steps and actions we are able to take to help us become a version of ourselves we think only exists in our minds. However, that version does exist in real life too. We just need the courage to bring them out. 2023 is all about me challenging you to push yourself to be better. 


So what things will you have on your bucket list that challenge you to be better? I all know we have the opportunity for growth to be someone we love, are proud of, and the person we want others to see. You see them in your mind, now bring them to life; your life.


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