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Protect your Peace

Protect your Peace

In life we all go through different journeys to learn more about ourselves, one of them is learning to protect your peace. It is a phrase that we see all over social media.


“Protect your Peace” – caring for and safeguarding your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being – in ways that you define yourself. (wernative.org)


When it comes to learning to protect your peace I oftener consider it a mash-up of learning to set boundaries and working on your mental health. However, it also includes understanding and making sure you have things that bring you joy. But where do you even start?


  • Ask yourself what brings you joy.
    • Is it an action? A place? A Person? A thing? 
    • Have some aspect of it always be a part of your day. If seeing the sun brings you happiness; go for a walk at lunch. 
    • Start building and finding as many things that do bring you happiness and learn how to incorporate as many as you can into each day.
  • Take a look at your life 
    • Understand what aspects or people in your life cause you to lose that peace. Why? 
  • Let things go and/or create boundaries 
    • We all have relationships that cause us more harm than peace. You have to take a step back and ask yourself do I need to set boundaries or let this go? 
    • The only right answer in this situation is the one that is best for you. 


I struggle with protecting my peace often. It is not because I do not want to be happy. It has more to do with me constantly being a people pleaser, especially toward people who do not need it. I like to make other people happy, but often it comes at a cost of my own peace. 


  • Make sure each day you’re doing something for yourself that brings you joy.\


  • Figure out the areas that are causing you stress


  • Figure out what changes you can make to either eliminate or subside the stress. And if you can’t be vocal and find


  • someone who can help. (Coworker, Boss, Friend, Family Member, or maybe even a therapist 


  • Find the time and take time to let stress go – make room for more peace


  • Evaluate your relationships are there some that you should be letting go?


In last week’s post the 2023 Bucketlist, I talked about challenging yourself to change your mindset to find the positive. But on top of changing your mindset make sure your only doing what brings your peace and joy. 


Learning to protect your peace is something everyone has to be better at. So many of us hate confrontation or are afraid of how others perceive us. The truth is the only person we should be concerned with is ourselves. We all need to make sure that as we continue to grow we are also continuing to protect our peace.


Protecting your peace is more than boundaries, and looking at your life. It’s about understanding who you are as a person how you can grow, and most importantly how you find happiness and peace each day. Find what brings you peace and protect it.


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