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Self – Reflection

Self – Reflection

One of the hardest things we as people do is self-reflection. As part of wanting to continue to grow as a person, I spend time each day reflecting on the good and bad. I always strongly believed that if we really want to grow to be better; we have to learn from our past. The things we did well, okay, and most importantly not so well. Self-reflection is more than thinking of yourself it’s thinking of your actions. 


Self-reflection: Meditation or serious thought about one’s character,  actions, or motives


 Self-reflection is something we should do every day. It’s as simple as taking a step back and asking yourself what happened today? What was good? What was bad? What did I learn? What can I do better that will change? 


Spend time and reflect on the positive. 


What are things you are grateful for? 

  • Relationships, activities, events, or even moments


What good things happened this Month? 

  • Think both personal, work, and social 


What was I able to accomplish this past month? 


Spend time and reflect on the areas that were difficult


What could I have done better this month? 

  • Take time to think about what areas you need to work on. 


What are areas Is struggled with? 

  • Relationships, work, mental helath, personal 
  • How did I hold myself back?


Are there things I wanted to accomplish that I was not able to? 


Knowledge is power; let’s reflect 


What new things did you learn? 


What new things do you want to learn? 


Are there areas you need a little refresher on? 


The Highlights


What are you most proud of this past month?


Learning who you are as a person is scary and hard to do on your own. Never be afraid to ask for help or take time for yourself. Let’s be selfish this year; because being selfish is how we grow. Bring daily or monthly self-reflection and you’ll become unstoppable. Trust me I get it, it’s not the most comfortable thing to reflect on a bad day, but the more you do it the more good you find even in the bad.


Growing up the biggest self-reflection I did was telling my parents what happened at school. We didn’t discuss my success or failures, how things made me feel, and how I could be better. For me it’s something I wish I was taught at a much younger age, looking at myself now and the growth I come from self-reflection. So are you ready to be better this 2023?


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