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Learning to date…yourself

Learning to date…yourself

Growing up I always watched movies of people going on dates, however, no one ever brought up how important t is to date yourself. Now yes I get it it sounds weird to say or even think about dating yourself.  Learning to date yourself is more to do with stepping outside your comfort zone when it comes to you and your thoughts. Dating is very intimate not just physically but also mentally and emotionally; things we need to do more with ourselves. 


Date – A social or romantic appointment or engagement 


Now I have always been a strong believer that behind communication, one of the main reasons relationships fail is people don’t know themselves. When it comes to dating you really have to look at yourself and learn about yourself before you can start dating other people. 


Why you need to learn to date yourself: 


Learn who you are


Understand what you want/are ready for


Figure out what you are looking for


Take the time to figure out what your non-negotiables are 


When you treat dating yourself the same way you treat dating other people you are shocked by the things you learn about yourself. Or maybe even in some cases things you always knew but were too afraid to admit to yourself. So like a real date asks yourself the tough questions and give yourself some time to think about the answers but also the whys. 


Take the time to ask yourself some questions.


What type of person do you want to be for your partner? 

  • Are you that person for yourself? 


What are you looking for? 

  • Think of every aspect: Out of life, in a relationship, and even in a partnership 


How do you see our future?

  • Are you married, do you have kids, are you living in the city? 


What are things you can do


Take yourself on a date 

  • Take yourself and get a table for one, get coffee, or even order takeout. Make sure it is when you want to go, a place you love, and order everything you want. I mean get the fancy drink, the appetizer, the entree, and even dessert. Use this as a time to ask yourself these questions, and maybe even the ones you like to ask when you are on dates. 


Spoil yourself 

  • Take time to give yourself some love. Buy yourself flowers when you are sad, or gifts when you have a big moment in your life. Take the time to treat yourself the way you wanted to be treated as someone’s significant other. As well as how you would treat your own significant other. 


Now don’t get me wrong dating is hard. When you take the time to date yourself you’re not going to learn everything, but you will learn a lot., You’ll learn how you want to be treated but most importantly you’ll fall in love with yourself more. The sad truth is the only relationship that is with you forever is the one you have with yourself. 


Take the time out of your life to take yourself out, buy yourself the gifts, and ask yourself deep questions. You are worth it. So how does lunch next week with yourself sounds?


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