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Clarity in Stepping Away

Clarity in Stepping Away

I always find clarity is stepping away. When you think about it when you’re up close to looking at something you see all these little details. However, when you take a step back you are able to see the big or overall picture. When it comes to life too often we obsess over the little details and ignore the big picture. I am no stranger to taking a step back to gain some clarity; sometimes though my step back may include a road trip or a plane ride though. 


“You can go ½ way around the world and your troubles and problems will always follow you” 


I have a lot of friends that joke with me whenever I pack a suitcase that I am ”running away from my problems.”  When in reality, I’m making a conscious decision that taking a step back to get a clear picture of what’s going on with my life, my emotions, and even my relationships. 


How it works:


  • Taking a step back allows you to see the big picture 
    • Think of it as a micro versus macro focus. Yes, the little details are important but if the little details don’t work with the overall pictures they become irrelevant. The only way to see if those details work or matter is to step back get some clarity and see the whole picture. 
  • Gives you time to process your emotions and feelings 
    • Places and things we have o emotions or relationships help us sort out the things that are jumbled in our brains. 
  • Allow yourself the grace to stop, pause, and breathe 
    • You do not need to have all the answers the minute an issue arises. However, you do have to face them when you have the time and bandwidth. Just breathe the ball is in your court. The decision on how to move forward or handle is is all yours. 


Trust me take some time to find clarity by stepping away isn’t running away from your problems. You choose to face them with a more level-headed mindset. The thing about me (and a lot of people) that not many people understand is that my brain and like work in zones. For example, my bed is where I sleep, my desk is where I work, and the second chair off my island is where I sit while I fill in my mom on my life. I don’t cross or mix up zones because then things tend to get crazy.  


So when life gets crazy and I need to figure things out I have to take a step back, see the big picture, and get some clarity. Make the self-guided decision to get away to find it. 


What you are not doing: 

  • Running from your problems 
  • Hiding from your problems 
  • Taking the easy way out 
  • Avoiding or holding off from facing your fears or current situation 


What you are doing: 

  • Allowing yourself to find clarity 
  • Giving you the chance to let things go 
  • Letting yourself unwind and start fresh 
  • Helps you sort through the situation without feeling the pressure 


“Sometimes staying only hurts you, and never gives you the opportunity to let it go.”


So if you are struggling with a situation, or some emotions, or to gain some clarity. I encourage you to grab a suitcase and get away. You don’t have to take a plane ride, or travel states away. You can simply just go to your friend’s house or even a local hotel Find a place that you have no association with the current situation and allow yourself the chance to process what you’re going to. I hope you find a place that you can “run away” to whenever you need to find clarity.


Just a few places I’ve found some clarity.



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